Here’s What People Are Saying

Bits of Real Fruit

I like the bits of real fruit. The item is sweet but not too sweet. Will make a great spread on toast.

Real Fruit, Great Price

I love that La Vieja Fabrica Fruit Spreads don't have high fructose corn syrup and that the first ingredient is the fruit itself. Also, the price is great.

Like Grandma Would Make

The flavor and texture reminded me of homemade jam my grandmother would make. This product is the read deal, best jam/preserve/spread I've ever bought at the store.


My favorite thing is the dressy, silky, sweet taste.

Really Nailed It

My favorite thing about the Strawberry La Vieja Fabrica Fruit Spread was its texture. They really nailed down the right consistency and texture. I loved that this wasn't full of seeds and had small chunks of strawberries mixed it. It was very smooth in general which I loved. 

Nothing Artificial

I really enjoy the flavor. You can tell that this fruit spread is from Europe because of it's texture and flavor. Nothing artificial about it.

I couldn’t believe the size of the strawberries

The fact that I see actual strawberries in the jar is great. I also like the cute little glass jar it comes in.

Bits of Blackberry

It has small bits of blackberry in it, which I can also assume seeds. I like that it has a more sweet taste to it.

Taste Natural

The taste was better than expected. I am not a fan of too much sugar. This taste natural. Packaging stands out on the shelf because of its size.

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